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The PC Pros customer base is the "Rx Benefit Provider." An Rx Benefit Provider consists of any formal group (association group, employer group, third party administrator, Insurance Carrier) that is providing it's members with an "Rx Benefit Card." You are guaranteed the lowest prescription price.

Currently, over 60,000 participating pharmacies across the nation have agreed to give PC Pros customers complete prescription benefits management control via the PC Pros network. All that is needed is your group "Rx Benefit Card", a physician's valid prescription, and a participating pharmacy.

Many customized review and reporting programs are available through PC Pros, but the bottom line is providing the lowest drug pricing available.

The PC Pros processing center is an NDC accredited, UNIX-based, "modular" system that allows each Rx Benefits Profider his/her specific (customized) "plan" programming. The "modular" aspect of the system is what allows each Rx Benefits Provider to have his/her individualized wants and need hard coded, value-adding efficiency and profitability. PC Pros provides customized "Rx Benefit Cards" to meet the Rx Benefits Provider specifications. All groups, therefore, have their own "unique" signature.

  • A provider may print whatever he/she wishes on the PC Pros Rx Benefit Card. Cards may be used as an insurance device, a marketing tool, an employee incentive, etc.
  • A provider may elect to offer the card as a cash discount drug card to be used at any pharmacy in the USA.
  • The provider may specify certain pharmacies as eligible, and others as ineligible.
  • The provider may limit the card toward specific drug groups (i.e. brand specific, generic, alternative choices, exclusions).
  • The provider may allow a co-pay plan through the PC Pros processing center. The cardholder pays a pre-determined portion of the drug cost at the time of purchase (the "co-pay" amount determined by the Provider). The PC Pros center receives, verifies, and completes the claim with the pharmacy. PC Pros send the provider a request for the unpaid portion of the transaction. The provider pays PC Pros the unpaid portion of the transaction. PC Pros completes the transaction by paying the unpaid portion to the pharmacy.

    It is important to understand that every advantage to the "Rx Benefits Provider" is paramount at PC Pros.