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Currently the PC Pros customer base consists of health-related groups, insurance agencies, self-insured corporations, retirees (and associated groups), veterans (and associated groups), wide-reaching marketing entities (utility bills, cable television, weekly periodicals), and other general interest groups.

Of the aforementioned groups, the insurance-related groups are the most plentiful. As a health-related carrier, it's quite a sales incentive to offer the lowest available drug pricing to your clientele, and it's quite an incentive to offer your clientele the services of the PC Pros value-added information system.

PC Pros is "WEB friendly" to all enrolled PC Pros customers, and is on-line 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Providers (carriers), TPA (third party administrators), benefit coordinators, and other authorized HR personnel may modify their cardholders (add, change, terminate, review) on our secure web site at any time. PC Pros' "Internet" security features may be designed to the specifics of the customer.