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  • To operate and maintain the most efficient and profitable "real time" Rx transaction processing system available to PC Pros customers throughout the United States.
  • To provide to the 1/100th of a second "state of the art" information management systems and services demanded by the future of prescription benefits management networking.
  • To continue to introduce the newest technologies to the prescription benefits management industry.
  • To allow PC Pros customers maximum discounts, specific coverage options, accurate adjudication, custom programming and reporting options, and the most expedient reimbursements in the industry.
  • To accurately provide the financial and management tools necessary to give complete prescription benefits management control to the PC Pros customers.
  • To customize each modular programming solution to the needs of each customer group. (i.e., the ability to produce custom, demographics reports)
  • To satisfy the strategic, financial, statistical, and comprehensive management needs of PC Pros customers throughout the United States.
  • To expediently process a claim from "point of sale" to "payer reimbursement."

    The tracking of Rx buying and selling trends, the verifying of drug risk and patient eligibility, the monitoring of general dispensing practices, encourages PC Pros customer group efficiency and profitability.