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Pharmacy Care Professionals, Inc.


This notice describes the privacy practices of Pharmacy Care Professionals, Inc. ('PCP'), for pharmacy benefit administration and pharmacy dispensing governed by the laws of the United States. This notice explains PCP's information collection and sharing practices.

PCP is required by law to maintain the privacy of your protected health information and to provide you with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your protected health information. Access to information about you is restricted to the people of PCP who require it to fill, dispense and mail your prescriptions and the people who support the administration of your prescription benefit. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards for the security of information.

When PCP shares information about you with companies outside of PCP, we require our Business Associates to impose safeguards, use it only for a permitted purpose, and to return it to us or destroy it once that purpose is served. We limit the amount of information shared to what is appropriate to provide administration of pharmacy benefits efficiently. PCP requires any company receiving information from PCP to sign a Confidentiality Agreement containing these requirements and obligations so that company will protect the information as we would.

PCP collects and uses nonpublic personal information about you to conduct our business and to consistently deliver the premier Customer Service you expect from us. Sources of information include the following:
  • Information we receive from Insurance Companies, Health & Welfare Funds, Self-Insured Employers or Associations that you have provided to them;
  • Information from you through your correspondence or communication with us including through the mail, by telephone, or over the Internet;
  • Information we receive from Business Associates such as retail pharmacies requesting verification and adjudication of pharmacy benefits.

    We may share all of the information we collect about you with employees of PCP to provide you with an accurate and timely pharmacy benefit. The information shared with an employee will vary based on their job function and the least amount of information they need to efficiently complete their portion of the administration of your pharmacy benefit. To do so, we allow access to portions of your personal information based on a unique logon name and password. Each unique name is associated with a job function that has associated to it and, therefore, has access to, only the personal information required to efficiently completing their portion of the administration of your pharmacy benefit. This may include identification (such as name and address), transaction information (such as prescription information), payment information (such as credit card information and payment transaction information), utilization information (such as drug, strength, dosage, cost, and drug utilization review information) and other information. This information may be used to identify recommended changes in therapy, drug, strength or dosage for the purposes of increasing efficacy or decreasing costs.

    PCP shares information outside of PCP for the purpose of increasing the efficacy of your pharmacy treatment or to decrease the cost of your pharmacy benefit. PCP shares information about you with the following:
  • Retail and mail order pharmacies to identify abnormalities associated with the administration of a specific claim submitted, i.e., an interaction with a drug on your profile that you may be taking, refill too soon, over-medication of a product based on manufacturer guidelines for dosage. Also, specific information regarding your pharmacy benefit such as dose limitations, copayments and other information.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers to identify and validate the dispensing of a specific product and the utilization of other drugs in the Therapeutic Category.
  • Business associates to house electronic claims utilization information that will be shared with PCP employees for the purpose of generating summary reports to identify cost saving opportunities.
  • Insurance Companies, Health & Welfare Funds, Self-Insured Employers or Associations that provide you with the pharmacy benefit. The information may be claim utilization information to generate claim and administrative fee billing, summary reports of utilization information to identify high cost benefit trends and may be used to recommend benefit design changes, specific utilization information may be shared to allow the Insurance Company, Health & Welfare Fund or Self-Insured Employer providing your pharmacy benefit to approve an exception to a benefit denial.
  • You may receive drug therapy information, drug information or alternate therapy educational or promotional information that you may find useful in increasing the efficacy of your pharmacy benefit or reducing the cost of the program for you or your program sponsor.

    We are also permitted by law to share information about you with other companies in certain circumstances. For instance, we may share all of the information we collect with companies assisting us in servicing your pharmacy benefit, pharmaceutical manufacturers who offer alternative therapies or reduced costs for specific products and with government entities in response to subpoenas or regulatory requirements.

    We're dedicated to serving your needs and to respecting your choices related to privacy. Any other uses or disclosers of your personal health information will only be made upon receipt of your signed and dated authorization for such disclosure. The authorization will include a description of the information to be used or disclosed, the individual or group requesting the information, the reason or purpose of the requested use or disclosure and an expiration date or expiration event that limits the time allowed for the disclosure. There is potential that the information authorized to be disclosed by PCP will be redisclosed by the recipient. PCP will provide a copy of the written authorization to you upon completion of the authorization form. You may revoke this authorization by providing PCP with a signed and dated letter stating that the authorization is revoked.

    You have the right to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of your protected health information. PCP may or may not agree to the restrictions dependent only on their impact to the treatment, payment or operations of your prescription drugs and your prescription drug benefit.
    You have the right to receive confidential communications of your protected health information.
    You have the right to inspect and copy your protected health information as defined by Section 164.520 and Section 164.524 of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations.
    You have a right to amend your protected health information.
    You have the right to receive an accounting of disclosures made by PCP of your protected health information.
    You have the right to receive a paper copy of this notification by requesting it from PCP.

    This notice updates and replaces any previous notices from PCP about privacy, security, and protection of information. PCP is required by law to abide by the terms of this notice for as long as they remain in effect. You may have other privacy protections under state laws. PCP reserves the right to amend this privacy notice at any time. Such changes will be effective for all protected health information that PCP maintains and we will inform you of changes through updates on our website, a paper copy of the new notification included with the first prescription order mailed or delivered to you after the effective date of the new notification and through personal contact or telephone contact during the normal course of business.

    For further information regarding our Privacy Policies or to file a complaint if you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, please contact:

    The Office of the Privacy Officer
    Pharmacy Care Professionals, Inc.
    4201 South 87th Street
    Omaha, NE 68127

    All requests and complaints will be handled as efficiently as possible. PCP will ensure that no retaliation will occur in response to a complaint filed with PCP.

    Effective April 14, 2003